UFO Sighting in Tulsa, Oklahoma on 2016-09-07 19:00:00 – Daughter & family were outside & saw ufo

My daughter, her ole man & their 2 kids were outside when they saw this saucer shaped craft flying across the sky going east, so heather got her phone out and started filming it. when “it” got out of sight she stopped filming, but a few seconds later her ole man said, “it’s back & going west now”… that’s when she started filming again till “it” was out of sight.
both heather & her ole man (sean) said the craft was round, they could see this, but when they looked at the video you can’t tell, all you see is light.
if you look at the clouds in both video’s you can see where this craft crossed the same cloud going each way.

these things are real, we see them often. in 2007 while my then husband was driving down the road my eyes looked slightly up from the road in front of me… i saw 2 saucer shaped ufo’s just sitting in a clear blue sky, not a cloud anywhere. both sat there for 30-40 seconds… i was frozen, i couldn’t move a muscle, but i knew “they” saw me looking at them, don’t ask how i knew this, i just do. the 1st to split was the one on the left, it took off n.W and was gone in 1/10 of a second, out of sight. my eyes went back to see if the one on the right was there… it was & stayed for 10-12 more seconds, then that one split n.E just as fast, in fact, if i would have blinked, i would have thought they disappeared.
i’m sending these video’s in for my daughter, she’s just now getting used to seeing these things. i have more still shots if you’re interested.

thank you

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