UFO Sighting in Bridgton, Maine on 1985-02-24 17:09:00 – The orb came from the se and then hovered above our field, it suddenly broke into 5 orbs 4 going in the 4 directions and the last bolted straight up and took a zig.Zag path to the se, stopped then bolted to the s and was gone so fast

My daughter and i were out collecting sap from our maple trees in feb 1985.We loved looking at the stars and noticed one coming toward us from the se. we watched as it hovered over our field. it was pretty high in the sky. all of a sudden it broke into 5 pieces with 4 blasting out in 4 directions. what seemed to be the center stayed put for a couple of seconds then left in a slow zig-zag towards the se. was still for a second then blasted of towards the south.
we were pretty amazed to see what we saw. my daughter was only five at the time, we were not frightened but intrigued.

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