UFO Sighting in Santa Fe, New Mexico on 2016-12-10 17:55:00 – Several blinking objects surrounding what looked like an airplane

At approximately 5:45 our son called us outside to look at what he saw in the sky. we all (3 adults + 1 minor) stepped out into the backyard, and looked up (west) to see what appeared to be an airplane (with it’s typical blinking lights) surrounded by approximately 13 other objects around it. these objects appeared to be about the same size as the plane. they also blinked / twinkled with a white light. one of us also thought they might have a blinking red light as well. we stood for a couple of seconds, asking each other, “what are those?” quite sure this was unusual, 2 of us dashed inside to grab a cell phone and a camera. we took 1 video on cellphone, 1 video on a camera, and 3 still photos with the camera. (unfortunately none of the videos nor photos are very good, but we will submit all in case your team can find something.) the airplane was moving west from where we were watching, heading in the direction of our local airport. the other objects moved with it, and we watched until they all passed behind the trees and out of our view. we couldn’t tell what the altitude was, since it was already dark out, and there was nothing to use as a reference point, other than what we believed to be a plane. we didn’t hear any sounds, nor saw any beams of light, etc coming from any of the objects. we couldn’t see where they went, nor if they landed. we didn’t see them appear, as whatever was happening was already in progress when we spotted them. our 2 dogs were outside with us, and they didn’t pay any attention to them at all, didn’t bark or act out of character. nothing unusual was felt (physically or emotionally) by any of us that observed this. this is the first time any of us have seen something like this. it’s also the first time that any of us have seen something that we weren’t able to identify, or think could possibly be a ufo or similar phenomenon.

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