UFO Sighting in Stanton, California on 2016-12-09 00:00:00 – Taking pictures of sun due to circle around sun. noticed blue orb when i viewed pictures

I was out walking in front of my house and as i looked up at the sun i noticed it had a large circle around it. i’ve seen these circles around the moon but never the sun. i went back into the house and after some time i sat down to view the pictures of the sun and that’s when i saw the blue orb looking like object. i wondered if it was still there so after about 15 min i went out to the same area i took the first photos ant took a few more pointing toward the sun, back into the house to view them and sure enough they were there still. i was pretty amazed by now after seeing them on the next photos i went out one last time and took a few more pictures of the sun. i have approx 17 to 19 of the photos if your interested…I’m excited because i do believe we are not alone

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