UFO Sighting in Stanton, California on 2016-12-09 00:00:00 – Took pictures of sun. didn’t see object til viewing photos.

I was walking in front of my house when i noticed a ring around the sun. i’ve noticed before around the moon but never the sun. i have an apple iphone 6 plus so i pointed toward the sun and snapped about 5 photos.. i went back in my house and after some time i looked at the photos and that’s when i noticed the blue orb and was changing positions on each frame. i after viewing the first pictures i took i went back out to the same spot and still not being able to see anything with the naked eye, i aimed my camera at the sun again and took a few more shots, went in the house and noticed the blue orb once again in the photos in different areas near the circle of the sun. i went out one more time again going back to the same area and aimed my camera at the sun again and went back in the house. after viewing the photos in order taken (approx 17 to 19 photos) i was amazed seeing this orb object seeming to be going in and out of the ring that was made around the sun. i hope this is to some value to you because i do believe we are not the only ones in the universe.

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