Black Triangle Sighting in Brandon, Mississippi on 2016-12-08 20:30:00 – Saw a slow-moving triangle shaped pattern of four yellowish-amber lights flying low across a road

I was driving home at about 8:30 and after passing a stop light on a country road. i first noticed the lights because they were new. i know what the area looks like at night and they didn’t fit in. at first i thought it might be some street lamps, but i realized they were too high up in the sky and too small, at least from that distance, which was about 3/4 of a mile from the closest i saw it from. as i got closer i realized it was not a streetlamp and that it was a little ways out over the woods to the left of the road, and seemed to be descending and moving forward to cross over the road. by the time i passed perpendicular to its direction of motion, it had moved across the road and out over the field on the other side a little ways, and i saw it from behind and it looked like a triangle of four yellowish amber lights. it seemed to be moving unnaturally slowly the entire time i could see it. from the time i first saw it to the time i lost sight of it, it couldn’t have traveled more than a quarter of a mile, if that, and i first saw it from about 3/4 of a mile away while driving at about 35 mph. i wasn’t scared or anything during the event, simply curious. i wanted to know what i was looking at. since the event i’ve been confused and trying to figure out what i saw. i lost sight of it when i turned right onto my street and it disappeared behind trees.

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