UFO Sighting in Stacy, Minnesota on 2016-11-12 17:30:00 – Stalked, followed and terrorized by ufo’s and orbs

This 21 day siege of ufo’s and orbs started at my hunting camp near grantsburg, wi, followed me to my home in stacy, mn and then followed me
everywhere i went. there were 3 types of objects. the first group were 4-5
black spheres that had a red or white light in it. they were 2.5 to 3 feet
in diameter. they would hover over my garage and in my yard. when i went
out on my deck, they would come as close as 2 to 3 feet from me at a height
of 10 feet. when i flashed my light at them they would hide in the bushes
or the trees. one afternoon, i was working on my computer which was 3 feet
from a big window. i looked up and one of the black orbs was 2 feet from
the window.

the second group of objects were chevron shaped and had a bank of orange/
yellow windows across the top. they had small white lights around the front
of the craft. they were about 25 feet long and 12 feet wide. they would
perform multiple types of aerobatics, flipping around and would change
their light patterns.

at the hunting camp there was a third type of craft that was 75 feet long.
the front of the object was a big circle, the main body looked like the
fuselage of an airplane, and the rear had 2 rectangular leg like appendages.

initially i was very fearful of the objects because there were so many of
them. i am a former navy man, and a field investigator with mufon. this
case is the mn side of my experience. for the wi side of this case, please
see case#80556. the wi case includes an alien attempt of abduction.

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