Black Triangle Sighting in Buda, Texas on 2016-12-12 06:20:00 – Drove past hovering dark triangle with lights at the tips

Driving to work at 6.20am on fm1626. it is pitch dark at that time and i noticed twould bluish lights ahead. thought they looked unusual. i keep driving, first thinking they weren’t moving, and so i thought it was and airplane facing me. you know how they can look immobile when facing you. i got closer and thought no that’s not a plane, maybe a helicopter? no as i got closer i finally thought maybe two drones are being flown because the lights looked like large bluish led lights. this all happened over the course of me driving about 2 miles at 50 mph. i slowed down as i got closer and once i was passing it i could tell that it was a dark triangle almost as dark as the sky, and that it was triangular because the third light was then visible in back. the object remained motionless the entire time. i’m not sure that anyone else saw it. traffic was abnormally light this morning. but there were no clouds blocking my view. it seemed to be about 500ft away on the east side of the road. object didn’t make any noise. i lost sight of it as i drove by. the entire time i was driving to it, i kept thinking this is something someone else is flying etc. but sure enough it wasn’t an airplane, helicopter or drone. very solid and dark looking.

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