UFO Sighting in Bucaramanga, Santander on 2016-12-11 10:40:00 – I was at the holiday inn bucaramanga cacique around the pool when i saw somthing bright in the sky hovering and take my camera as soon i can t try to fucus and i took one picture i try to zoom more but the objec was going to the north fast moving in track

I was around the pool of my hotel taking sun on sunny, clear day when i saw something in the sky,i talk with my friend was beside i he saw too it our first impression was a paraglider but my friend said cant because it was very high and the shape does not like that, it was moving slow and looks like hovering over the city, i took my camera as soon i can i try to focus the object no was easy to focus only i take just one i try to take another one but it was going to the north and was moving fast and after it was gone.

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