UFO Sighting in Kings Mountain, North Carolina on 2016-12-12 19:45:00 – My wife came and told me the light was back over the forest in our back yard. that has been showing up sporadically for a while…This time i tried to video it.

For the past month my wife and i have noticed this weird light each night that just hovers over the forest behind our home at first i just thought it was a very bright star then we began to notice it didn’t appear each night like the other stars in the sky do…. my wife was walking our dogs around 7:30 and she came and yelled for me to come because the light was back…This time i tried to record it.It just hovered there.As i zoomed in on it…I began to shake…And didn’t know why.I was watching the screen on my camera and was just watching it pulsate and change colors…One moment it looked rectangular and the next it looked like a round orb..All the while changing colors…My camera began to die…So i had an extra battery thank god.,,i stopped looking for a moment and changed the battery.. and began recording again…And again..My batteries died..This time fresh batteries died. so i have what i have… we were still walking our dogs and looking at the sky and it slowly moved off over the horizon..The only difference this time was that we heard a weird , high pitched sound that resembled the sound you hear when your ears are ringing…You can hear dogs barking in the distance and then my dogs barked…It kept flashing different colors and changing shapes and even though i was holding my camera still it seemed to dart around…But to the naked eye it was stationary and very very bright. we have seen this thing on several occasions…When we realized it was just appearing and hovering for a while and then disappearing just the same way it did when it appeared…I grabbed my camera…It doesn’t appear every night…But this time i did my best to capture it on film…Sadly i have a crappy camera and i was zoomed in as far as i could.

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