UFO Sighting in Weymouth, Massachusetts on 2016-12-12 00:00:00 – I observed a light it appeared to be ascening it was white then it looped back down changing colour to light greeny blue and dissapered down amongst trees i did not see it land it just seemed to disappear.Then reappear loop in sky changing colours an went

I was walking my dogs in redlands sport centre field i saw a white light looking like it was shooting up but it slowed looped back down an changed to turquoise greeny blue back down in middle of a small woods on a hill about 4 mile away it didnt seem like a firework as there was no noise although there was a strange static like vibration that i heard slightly at first i thought was nothing but looping an coming down how it did was wierd i flashed my torch in the direction and waited flashing torch a few times waited about 20 min an it rose out of trees was greeny colour then went bright blue as it moved away to the left then it came in my direction seemed to come very fast and change to white and the intensity of the light jus flashed up so fast an brightly it resembled a star for few secs as it was at its most bright it supprised me how bright it became then it went back duller an moved back toward where it came from in the trees but just was gone i didnt see it go back down i waited a few mins an felt like it almost did that because i was there my dogs also were looking toward it witch i thought was interesting i waited few mins an came home as i walking back across the field i saw a very brief red light flash in same direction but it seemed to be across the field i was in i flashed my torch back at it an put my dogs on there leads an came home. that would be the 4th time ive seen somthing strange here years before i saw a pulsating star like thing pulsating yellow and orange zigzagging across the sky me and a friend were in a tent watching meteorites an both saw it another time bowt 4 in morn me an a friend walked toward redlands an from behind the trees a red light arched up an had black streeks in it i ran toward it an was nothing there me an my friend saw that an another time in night again i was smoking on the patio an heard a very low rumble looked up an a massive black object was blocking the stars going from west to east direcly overhead of me i remember waving at it those 3 occasions when i was a teenager made me always know there was things out there an this one today just made me report it as i have just come in and reported it straight away i wish i did more when i was a child but wouldnt of known what to do or want any ridicule that so many honest people get just for saying what they saw.

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