UFO Sighting in Kelowna, British Columbia on 2016-12-13 17:40:00 – 1st noticed bright lights in sw, then faded appeared nw in about 30 sec for 5min faded appeared sw observed stationary for 30min

I was driving south on old vernon road about a mile away from klw where i live. i’m ex air force and have lived by klw for over 13 years and have seen just about every aircraft that loves the valley. i first saw an aircraft on a southern approach for landing when i noticed a bright light. i thought that the north star was real bright tonight and nowhere near north. i looked around and it was cloudy like your average okanagan december night and noticed no stars anywhere because of cloud cover, so i wondered what i was looking at. i didn’t see any strobe lights and noticed it was kind of chevron shaped. i turned left at hwy 97 into kelowna still watching the light when it faded and disappeared. i thought it went behind a cloud. i saw it appear dimly and brighten back up in the nw. it never moved when it appeared,hovering all the time. the ufo was only in the nw for a couple of minutes, when it faded and disappeared only to reappear again in the sw after about 30 seconds where it stayed for about 30 minutes. i didn’t know the altitude,but i could see low clouds that it was above. i couldn’t estimate the distance either,if i was to make an educated guess i would say 1 -1.5 kilometers away and 45 degrees on the horizon . i was picking my daughter at gordon ave and hwy 97 so i called her when it appeared the second time in the sw and made her go outside and look while i drove. i have a text message to start my journey and a phone record of us watching it until i picked her up. we sat in the save-on parking lot and watched it.We saw another plane going to klw and you could clearly see the difference. the planes light were as dim as star light compared to the brightness of the ufo and the strobe light were blatant easy to see. i drove back north on hwy 97 and it was still visible and stationary for another 15 minutes. my daughter wasn’t to happy i made her keep checking if the ufo was still there because it was behind us and she wanted to be texting…Sigh. i thought at 1st that this might be a drone until it disappeared from the sw and appeared in the nw . the distance was too great for any drone that i know of. i’ve flown drones since the parrot 2.0 and have a phantom 4,so i know how much battery power would be required to fly that distance that long with the wattage of the lights makes a drone out of the question. i tried using my samsung 5 take a pic or video but there wasnt enough light. at least i have my daughter to back me up so i don’t think i was making this up. she also pointed out the difference between the planes lights with strobes vs how bright these stationary lights without strobes were.

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