UFO Sighting in San Pablo, California on 2015-10-08 21:00:00 – I spotted a yellow glowing decagon about 5-6ft in hight and diameter outside in the back yard at night. it lasted 5-10 seconds while i was behind the screen door, then it shot up vertically.

1.) i was just awakening from a nap, and i got up to go in the dinning room where i noticed a yellow glowing decagon outside in the backyard.

2.) th object or entity emitted a yellow glow that stood out in the dark backyard.

3.)i thought i was dreaming still, so i took both hands balled them up and rotated them around my eyes. i was in awe.

4.) concave decagon looks like a star shaped polygon with yellow glowing light as if it were made of it. it was at rest and in a blink of an eye i observed it shoot into the sky vertically.

5.) amazed, and relieved.

6,) it left swiftly.

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