UFO Sighting in Chattanooga, Tennessee on 2016-12-14 22:00:00 – What was thought to be a really bright rapidy blinking star i got the binoculars. it was an object moving radically up/down side to side. about 40 degrees e x se. elevation 40k ‘. wife witnessed as well.

The wife and i don’t smoke in the house so we were on the back porch. the moon was so big and bright i told the wife you can’t hardly see the stars around it. the moon was about due east the ufo was about 40 degrees from the moon. the ufo was blinking so fast i went and got the binoculars. it’s easy to have or get movememt of an object when looking through binoculars but it’s impossible to get the movement the wife and myself got from the object in this case. if the object was right above us i could have an idea of the altitude but this too far off in the distance. i was amazed by it but the wife got frightened so much she went in the house. about 20 / 25 minutes later it was so cloud covered it couldn’t be seen anymore.

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