UFO Sighting in Rapid City, South Dakota on 1998-05-10 00:00:00 – Group of stop sign shaped lights. then one light bouncing rapidly inside shape

My mother and i were on our way to sign up for baseball at my school, which is only a block away from our home. it was late afternoon and the sun was beginning to set. i looked up and noticed something strange. it was a group of 6 lights shaped like a stop sign and one light in the middle bouncing rapidly inside of the group of light. my mother was baffled but didn’t speak much of it. we went into the school for around 15 minutes. when we left the object(s) was in the same place. as we arrived at home i ran inside and told my grandparents what we saw. we all ran outside to further observe these strange lights that were just hovering. after about 5 more minutes the lights were getting closer to each other as the craft was now moving outward. the farther away it got is when we all realized it was shooting towards the atmosphere.

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