UFO Sighting in Noblesville, Indiana on 2016-12-15 17:00:00 – Pulsating orb seen in the western sky.

I was driving home from a family members house heading west on greenfield avenue about a 1/2 mile before you get to the i69 overpass in noblesville, indiana. it was december 15th 2016 about 5pm eastern time. the sun was setting but it was still very bright outside. i noticed the object because it was very bright. at first i thought it was maybe a space station but it was much larger than usual. it looked like a very bright star with blazing white light but it seemed closer than a star. it looked like it was about at the level planes normally fly at the highest altitude. it began to pulsate and that’s when i realized it was a bit odd. it pulsated brightly for about a minute, got slightly brighter and then it began to fade while still pulsating until it was completely gone. i viewed this for several minutes as it was happening. i was very distracted, i was amazed at what i saw. i have never seen anything like it in my life. it seemed like it was just stationary but i was moving in my vehicle so it was hard to tell. if it was moving it was not going at a speed i could determine. i never lost sight of the object while this was occurring until it desolved. i nearly ran off the road at one point because i was drawn to the light. i didn’t want to take my eyes off of it. i kept watching the sky in the same direction for several minutes after it disappeared to try to see if i could see it again. i didn’t see anything again until a plane at about the same altitude came from the south heading north towards the location in the sky i saw the light about 5 minutes later. i did observe some other planes flying at different altitudes at about the same time as that plane but they were in different areas of the sky heading in different directions. the indianapolis international airport is located on the west side of the city so i am very familiar with what planes look like in the sky and i have even seen glare from the sun off of planes before as they are ascending and this was nothing like any glare i have ever seen. it was far too bright and large to be a plane at that distance. there were clouds in the sky but they were very whispy and sparse where the light was pulsating. i am still amazed and have no idea what it was.

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