UFO Sighting in Oswego, Illinois on 2016-12-14 21:10:00 – I was picturing the moon it had a certain ora to it with a streak.. then i noticed a green object that was moving around rapidly from side to side… so i recorded the object and when i zoom in and pause it shifts and changes formation. as you can see on

I was standing outside taking a picture of the moon with the ora around it and the streaks of lights around it that could be seen with a picture taken, then i noticed a green object moving around the area shooting from side to side in a rapid speed… i took a video of the object for 28 seconds only due to my phone recording in those incrimants..Anything more then you have to edit and that is not something i’m good at… you can see by zooming in on the object and slowing it down… it changes positions and almost looks like it changes shapes as well as it turns all directions… it’s very amazing what it does and i have looked at the video at least 30 times and each time it gets more amazing… i hope you enjoy and see what i am describing…In the pics you can see the green dot object and in the video you can see the object move with great speed and how it rotates almost changing shape… any questions please feel free to call i have the video on my phone as well.

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