UFO Sighting in Van Buren, Arkansas on 2016-12-10 19:25:00 – 4 light beams casting onto ground moving outward & back to center continuously.

My daughter noticed strange lights in the sky on i-40 west while driving home from from the town’s christmas parade on 10 dec. the time was 1925-1932 cst. the object had four light beams seemingly casted onto the ground, much like a search light, and the lights would simultaneously return to the center of the craft. we were never able to see a physical object- only the lights. the span the beams stretched outward gave me the indication that this was a large object close to the ground. as i proceded west bound the object traveled with us just south of the interstate. when i approached the lee creek exit, i pulled over on the overpass and filmed the object as it stayed stationary hovering over bekaert steel & wire. my daughter became afraid and we proceded home. the craft was still there when i entered my home. i did not feel afraid, just extremely curious and calm although i did have that feeling of being watched/observed. normally, that would bother me.

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