UFO Sighting in Dashwood, Ontario on 2016-12-16 20:38:00 – Large glowing orb in a snow storm. descended, leveled off, turned left and went out over the lake.

Sitting in living room watching movie. windows look to the west, towards lake huron. noticed a large glowing object descending from the sky. looked like a large fireball with flaming edges. tail as it was descending. it was snowing quite heavy outside and this object was quite low. it started moving in a north direction. called for my spouse to witness it. we went outside to get a better look. spouse grabbed cell phone to take a picture. object turned and moved out of site in a northwest direction (towards the lake). absolutely no sound – it was snowing quite heavy and this object was quite low, we would have heard something. sure peaks your curiosity! of course you never get a clear picture when you want it. two attached are one of the same, one just cropped so we could see it better. this was taken as it was disappearing towards the lake.

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