UFO Sighting in Sarasota, Florida on 1970-10-31 00:00:00 – Huge black boomerang shaped with multiple lights on front passed silently overhead, blocked stars as went over.

I am unsure of exact date, but my girlfriend and i were both outside with out 60x telescopes looking at saturn. we lived in fla, so fall/winter had the clearest skies. we were about 14 yrs old. we noticed a huge boomerang/ v shaped object passing overhead with lights around the front. i thought it might be a flock of birds flying in a v formation reflecting a spot light,or something, but the stars were blocked out between the lights as it moved overhead slowly, not making a sound. you could not see all of it at once- too wide. it covered about 1/3 sky. we were totally terrified and ran in to get my mom. she came outside for a few minutes, but it was gone. after she went inside, another one went overhead. we were again terrified and went inside for good. my mom did not believe us. we lived a few miles from the airport, but it was not a plane.
i guess there were about 7 constant white lights along the front of it, in that v shape.
this was a long time ago, and we were kids, but even as adults we remembered the fear we felt watching them move slowly overhead. no one will convince us otherwise- they were ufos. big, silent flying v/boomerang with lights across front, moving approx. south to north.
i wonder if the airport radar saw anything? i wish i could remember exact date- sorry.

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