Black Triangle Sighting in Milton, Florida on 2016-12-16 00:00:00 – Rounded triangle with two round white lights near whiting field

I was driving from brewton back to milton & i saw an aircraft maybe a few miles ahead that did not appear to be the usual planes and helicopters that come out of whiting field. as i drove i got close enough that i would have drove underneath it if it hadn’t turned and moved over the trees. it turned in an arc motion toward the trees to my left. it had two large white lights underneath the back end. it looked to be triangular with rounded edges, though it was dark and i was driving, i may not be totally accurate on the shape. i asked my brother & he said that he had seen it sometime before as well, i believe near eglin air force base. thought it was pretty interesting to witness what may have come from one of the air force bases.

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