Is There Alien Life on Dwarf Planet, Ceres?

Is There Alien Life on Dwarf Planet, Ceres?

     SCIENTISTS have discovered an abundance of water ice on the dwarf planet Ceres, suggesting it could potentially be home to alien life.
By Sean Martin
The Daily Express

The tiny sub-planet, which is found in the asteroid belt situated between Mars and Jupiter, has been found to have water ice on its crust, which points to more beneath the surface.

The study, published in the journal Nature Astronomy, shows that Ceres is 10 per cent water ice – which could point to the dwarf planet either currently being habitable, or was once habitable, experts say.

The discovery makes it one of many extraterrestrial bodies that has, or has had, water on it, including Mars, Saturn’s moons Europa and Enceladus, Jupiter’s moon Ganymede and another dwarf planet in Pluto.

Most scientists agree that the location of the water on the sub-planet massively increases the chances of finding life.

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