UFO Journal Article: “ON THE UFOS”

December 1967
(Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Chicago, Illinois)
Source: Google Books
Quote from the article:
“Dr. (Carl) Sagan claims that the Central Intelligence Agency Robertson Panel, which met in 1953, concluded after a thorough study that UFOs, ‘all were probably natural phenomena wrongly interpreted.’ This claim simplifies the work of the panel to the point of distortion.”

The official name of the Robertson Panel was The Scientific Advisory Panel on Unidentified Flying Objects.

The Bulletin article also mentions the 2 July 1952 Tremonton, Utah, UFO film (filmed by U.S. Navy Warrant Officer Delbert C. Newhouse).
The article is found on Page 40 (click on the “Front Cover” button to find the article).
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists was founded by former Manhattan Project physicists in 1945.
Wikipedia article: “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists”:
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Freeze-frame from the 2 July 1952 Tremonton, Utah, UFO film
(hyper.net image)

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