UFO Sighting in Fort Wayne, Indiana on 2016-12-18 19:46:00 – Was walking down stairs with my dog to go out and saw a strange light in sky.

As i was walking my dog down the stairs ( 7:47pm )to take her outside i was looking out the stair way window and noticed a bright object in the western sky. i walked back into my apartment and went to get my camera. i was stopped by my wife cracking up saying what is it a ufo in the sky and i laughed and said yes. went out side then about 7:50 pm and while the dog was doing her business i filmed it briefly and went back inside. i downloaded it to my computer to have a look as my camera has a small screen. could not make out any details so as my other dog needed to go out i took him out about 8pm and filmed it for 1 min. and 34 seconds. it was very cloudy and i could not see any stars through the cloud cover and no aviation. i was standing on the 400 east block of wayne street in downtown fort wayne looking w – sw. i went back inside and downloaded it to my computer and looked at the video again and not seeing any details i decided to go back out again and take some pictures as pictures have more detail than video; that was about 8:10 pm. i looked at the pictures and still could not make not any details.I figured it was probably some where around the downtown convention area or over the ballpark area right there by king g’s but no higher than the cloud coverage; have not looked for that info. there was no aviation lights on it. it never moved from the spot i originally saw it in the sky. i looked again out the window at 8:15 pm it was still there and looked again after eating at 8:25pm and it was gone. i never heard any sounds other than the bone chilling wind and occasional cars downtown.

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