UFO Sighting in Michigan City, Indiana on 2016-12-19 18:15:00 – this object to follow me from my chiropractor’s office.

foremost a decade i’ve been under surveillance by the indiana state police and four federal agencies i have seen objects like the one in the video thousands of times and i can’t get anybody to believe me individuals have told me that the other videos were stars,or other objects like a space station, mars or etc, i strongly disagree and i feel it is a government drone or a indiana state police drone. i’ve seen other objects after a period of time there will be an aircraft beacon that will come on. i have tried everything in my power to get records to prove my accusations and at every turn i’m stonewalled. i currently have over five pending federal lawsuits on this subject matter if a lawyer sees this get a hold of me at kylestone on facebook i am the guy wearing a cow hat and standing next to a chick- flia cow.

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