UFO Sighting in Mallaig, Alberta on 2009-01-18 00:00:00 – Balls of light replicating electrons circling an atomic; with no centre. retracted in size and slowely avoided collision course. full blizzard conditions. hovered 2-3 feet

A friend and i made a trip from cold lake alberta to edmonton late fall mid afternoon. we were late to begin our return trip; around 830pm. a half hour out we encountered a blizzard the likes those of us in northern canada rarely see. the winds were low; and while the snow left visibility at a maximum 20 feet, it hadn’t yet accumulated to deeply for the small car. at several points discussion took place; continuing on was absurd, with no where to stop or hold over for the night we continued at approximately 40km per hour and hoped for the best. my friend; a professional driver, had managed to get us to my best estimation more than half way home when i saw something. unbelievably; in the distance. the snow may have lightened slightly; but it was at a distance three times what headlights would have penetrated if not more. i asked first simply “you see that right?” “oh yeah” he responded. “k well what i’m seeing can’t be real i responded; so you describe it to me, because i don’t want you playing games with me” (i though i surely had developed some obscure nighttime snowblindness, and he was liable to make a game of this) to my surprise me described exactly what i saw. “there’s a red light, a blue light, some orange lights…Kinds looks like it’s going to swallow us up” more accurately it appeared as if the highway led into a stargate of sorts. five lights, red, blue, white, and two orange. they spun in the nature of electrons circling a nucleus but with no centre. as we approached we tried frantically to call relatives at home with unusually no luck. a discussion ensued about what we would do. over the period of roughly two minutes while we approached; it slowely retracted in size; from slightly wider than the road, to that of an ice cream truck. it also moved from the centre of the road to just off in the ditch. we drove by at less than 10km per hour at a distance of 12 feet or less. i believe this was around 1am. i wanted out of curiosity to approach it; but the individual balls all appeared as though they were tiny stars. as they whipped in circles in seemed they were unsafe and while the snow around and between them seemed unaffected i had the feeling as though they would melt through any comprehensible surface on contact. we looked more, than close enough to rule out any emergency vehicles, or other signals of human requested aid. what we saw was unexplained. it clearly moved out of our path, and i believe was disoriented by a world record snow storm. we did not stop the car or disturb it out of fear of never being heard from again and disappearing from loved ones under bizzar and unexplained circumstances. in many ways i’m still curious; but i think whatever we saw was observing and simply incapable of interaction. it seemed to be a being; or group of beings, made of energy; electricity or chemical reaction; far outside the realm of our perceived understanding of life; and possibly unintentionally dangerous simply by chemical nature. i have recounted this event on a few events with my still good friend. it’s always stuck with him, and is simply something he’s uncofortable talking about; because things you can’t explain are frightening, and they make you sound like a crazy person. for the same reasons i am also moderately shy about the whole incident. more importantly though i am curious if there are other descriptions of this nature? it doesn’t match the conventional ufo profiles, and i have seen nothing like it on the internet; but i know what i saw beyond the shadow of a doubt; and i will know exactly where i’ve seen it before if i ever see something like it.

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