UFO Sighting in St. Augustine, Florida on 2016-12-06 19:10:00 – Very large cylindrical chape, silent, rotating as it moved overhead, lasting roughly 20 seconds. two separate sightings about half hour apart.

12/6/2016 st.Augustine,fl: tonight, i am very excited to report that this evening i very definitively saw an unknown craft…Twice. i will try and record this in as much detail as possible. at approximately 6:38pm,north st. augustine,fl, a very large, dark, cylindrical/cigar shaped craft “moved” almost directly overhead. it was about twice the size/diameter of the moon, and rotating/spinning…So very large. if i had to guess, i would say it was several times the size of a 747, about 10 thousand feet up. the first sighting of it was for about 15-20 seconds, and it moved in a straight trajectory, but was rotating as it moved. for about every 10-15 paces it moved, it rotated 180 degrees. so as it first came into sight, it was facing forward, and by the time it was overhead
it had completely turned around. it was thinner than a cigar shape…More like a “slim jim” or dark, skinny pencil to relate it to something. i saw it in the early night sky, and it appeared darker than the sky, but the edges were lit by the moon. the tips of it seemed slightly more lit than the sides. it had no lights, was silent, and had a strange blurryness to it, almost like it was a bit out of focus in comparison to the sharp stars around it. i had the impression that it was trying to blend in with the sky, but because of the twilight/moonlight it was clearly visible. there was definitely a strangeness to it immediately, not only the way it looked, but the way it moved. as i said before it lasted about 15-20 seconds. the feeling i had as it passed overhead was not only shocking, but a bit spooky/ominous. if i had to relate it to something it would be like seeing a shark fin rise out of the water. however, it did not “feel” terrestrial. it had a “way” about it that just felt strange. the second sighting was at approximately 7:08pm. either the same craft was flying the exact same route overhead, or a different craft flew overhead on the same path/trajectory. the sightings were identical in every way, except the second time it was moving about twice the speed, lasting only about 7-10 seconds. i am still a bit in awe, and i understand speculating about its origin is only my opinion. however, i am leaving this sighting with the feeling that for the first time i am truly convinced there is something we don’t understand in our skies.

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