Black Triangle Sighting in Solon, Maine on 2013-07-16 20:58:00 – Was waiting out side and i saw a plane but as it got closer i saw 3 red dots in a triangle i followed it for a minute then it started to speed up and i lost it

Was waiting for my moms boyfriend (he was getting done with his job) and my mom said look a ufo and i said nah! and as it got closer i saw a triangle going about 10 miles per hours and it made no noise and had 3 dots well 4 if you count the middle light. as it got closer i just stared at it until i noticed how close it was to land (about 40 feet high). i jumped toward my moms phone to take pictures and the phone was dead! so i just followed it across the lawns of peoples yards until a minute later when it speed up to about 20 miles an hour then i sprinted back to the car grining that i saw my first ufo.

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