UFO Sighting in Del Valle, Texas on 2016-12-10 00:00:00 – Round inside ship

All i remember i went to bed. i was in so much pain. had a hard time going to sleep.
the pain doctor took my pain med’s away for 1 month because i am not jumping to come back in to see them in 2 months. instead of every three months as they set my appointment.

when i fall asleep i heard and saw many different light colors of objects moving very fast up, down side ways, curves. as there was more then one telling me they were here in my head.

next, thing i remembered i was inside a ship sitting on the floor. or what you want to call it i remember 4 grays standing away in a circle from me. big eyes small mouth. small nose. skin was gray, head were big. the ship was in a circle inside with doorways. all silver color

i remembered the gray (my son) looks just like my other two sons here on earth. black hair, looks like me. i remembered he was bent down next to me only. no, other gray could come closed to me. as he told them to stay away from me.

i remembered hearing in my head, he kept saying it will be ok many times. i remember my son told the other gray’s i was injury and in a lot of pain and do not touch me.

if they did anything to me i do not remember any of that part.
how he or any gray can come to find me from a universe unknown how big it is. to return to me knowing i was was injury and calling for they and my son to come to me to help me from where every in space they were at. i feel a very close connection to this gray i call my son.

i can draw what i saw inside this ship.

pam u.-wilson

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