UFO Sighting in Leander, Texas on 2016-12-21 08:50:00 – Amber light playing cat and mouse in the foothills

I just watched an amber light sort of like this i picture i found online, but brighter and more of an intense orange in the sky behind our house in the foothills. at first it looked like it might’ve been a very, very bright planet mars because of the amber color. mars usually is not as bright as the moon or this large… or close looking. it had to be below the clouds because there was a pretty consistent layer of clouds all around the horizon at that level.

i watched it to try and rule out it being plane or drone etc., for about 10 to 15 minutes and it didn’t move. if you walk out in your backyard and seeing unusual planet or star just sitting there you definitely take notice. one this bright anyway. the light was stationary and very bright like a jumbo jet coming towards you level brightness but a very distinctive amber color.

it hung there perfectly. just as i was about to go inside it started to get lower towards trees or the mountains in the distance depending how far it was away. a few miles in the distance it is what it looked like but hard to say for sure. i was raised on the navy base around lots of aerial activity. i am very familiar with how the light can play tricks on your eyes or cameras in the dark, and i am very comfortable identifying aircraft.

then i noticed lights from a helicopter or plane… probably just a small piper plane or. another civilian aircraft would be common. it could’ve been a helicopter – i don’t know but it was coming towards the light and then all the sudden this light – that has now turned more of a whiter shade than the amber it was when it was hanging in the clouds started to dart fast, what looked like a mile at a time and then stop on a dime. as the plane or whatever would catch up with it. again, the light or craft would dart faster than than any known aircraft that i know of and then stop on a dime and wait for the plane like it was playing cat and mouse. it looked like it would move different directions sporadically or like it was scanning in the area side to side. i don’t know but the movements were not something you would see with a drone or any thing known at this time. possible unknown military secret aircraft is always a very good possibility.

after the third time the light stopped, the plane or whatever was coming towards it kept flying away then the light turned back towards its original direction. after a little while it went down into the trees or behind a mountain in the distance. i was too in awe or something to go inside to grab a camera or phone because i knew as soon as i went back out it would be gone.

it was really kind of beautiful to watch and definitely stirs a lot of different emotions in person. who knows but those are the facts and it was wild to watch.

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