UFO Sighting in Elkton, Michigan on 2016-12-22 18:12:00 – Very bright light in clouds, moved and stopped, spotlight type light coming from light, sometimes spinning

Noticed a brighter than normal light. i started to see it move to the west from the south. as it moved across the sky you could see an almost spotlight type light coming from the light and shine in all directions. then sometimes the “spotlight” would spin 360 degrees almost like a pinwheel. after watching it for sometime other lights started to pop up then disappear, like fireflies. myself and 2 guys i work with observed all of this happen. we had to get back to work but i kept checking on it and the light slowly drifted to the west and out of my sight, behind a building.

my phone has a hard time picking up stars with the camera so that is how bright this object is. i have a galaxy s7 edge so it is a decent camera for a phone.

i took pictures and video, but the video does now show the spotlight emitting from the main light. in one video you can faintly see some of the lights starr flashing like fireflies.

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