UFO Sighting in Burlington, Ontario on 2016-12-20 20:40:00 – Witnessed a bright fuzzy light. seemed very different from a star. moving slowly – disappeared

Looking over out in a distance over lake ontario from our back yard deck i could see a strange bright light that seemed to glow and pulsate and had a yellow orange color. it was hovering or seemed that way from a distance. then slowly it went diagonally up and eventually just disappeared. first i thought it was an air plane heading my way but when looking with binoculars i couldn’t not see any flashing or blinking lights. i could also see the objects was moving slowly up and to the right. i could not focus on the object with my binoculars as if the object did not have a defined light or shape. i brought down my 6d camera with 100mm is lens and same thing the object using the viewfinder or the rear lcd was not sharp like fuzzy. i zoomed with 5x and 10x using the rear lcd and the object seemed unsharp and very bright. i did take a few photos but they were all blury. i am attaching one of the better photos. i had my 18 year old daughter confirm that this seemed like a very odd star or airplane and there were no blinking lights. after a few days we checked the ufo stalker website and we could see 2 other reports during the same night of similar object in near by area.
the object eventually just disappeared. i checked with my binoculars and could not see any blinking lights in around the same spot thinking it was the lights from an airplane and it made a turn. we could see airplanes above lake ontario but i could not judge how close these were to the object. the photo shows a more cylinder shape object but that was only because the photo was taken at 2 seconds and eventually the object moved during the 2 seconds.

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