UFO Sighting in Prospect, Connecticut on 2016-12-23 18:00:00 – 6-7 bright objects with red and white lights, precision control of flight.

Dec 23, 2016 time 6-6:30 p.M waterbury ct,

initial sighting
– was called into the living room to windows that faced east, observed one bright red object dismissed object as possible helicopter with no strobe and left.

– was called back ~20sec later and observed several objects. very bright, but not overpowering, it was almost as if the light was bright enough to be clear and with defined edges but it did not bleed into the surrounding air. noticed the light was primarily emitted from the top and bottom of objects. precision maneuvering in formation was observed. hovered for approximately 30-40 seconds and began to disappear. seemingly through cloud layer.

sighting 1
– red object observed, looked and acted similar to a hovering aircraft. slowly disappeared towards new haven ct (east).

sighting 2
-initially one appeared moving out of the southeast over prospect connecticut,possibly new haven ct if the distance was much farther. red with white light that reminded me of large led’s, no strobe, others followed suit from the same direction of travel, total of 6-7 objects confirmed. 4 objects hovered near each other while the others were more spread out over either new haven ct or prospect ct. all objects began to disappear as if they were moving up through the cloud layer.

sighting 2
-same lights, possible strobe but flashing could be due to movement behind trees, objects arrived from the same direction southeast. almost looked as though they came from east mountain reservoir area and flew over to prospect. only three objects spotted. one object observed with poor quality video.

initial thoughts: single object was a helicopter with no strobe. however the light seemed off and far too clear, but it was still dismissed.

objects appeared out of the south east of east mountain reservoir. initially one object was spotted but more followed in a straight line path. objects flew in straight line formation and stopped over what appeared to be new haven ct or prospect ct (distance unknown). objects split off and four objects loosely grouped together and hovered while the others stopped where they were and hovered.

initial reactions were of skepticism, observations were performed. skepticism turned to slight excitement for the possibility of a true unknown aircraft of unknown origin. (later multiple unknowns.)

final reactions and feelings: objects were there to observe an upcoming major event.

no noise was observed, no animal disturbances were observed, no electrical disturbances were observed

final thoughts, possibly someone playing with drones but not enough evidence to support hypothesis. classified as a true unknown. two short videos were taken (unfortunately very poor quality with excessive motion.) however it is better than nothing. the video has other light sources to compare, headlights, city lights, flood lights, street lights.

as for the videos, i just ask mufon to acknowledge the source if it is used and i would be curious to know if it is used.

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