UFO Sighting in Sunderland, England on 2016-12-24 04:07:00 – Lying in bed under window in roof saw light bigger than any star or shooting star and it shot of after it flashed

I wad lying in my bed looking out of the roof window and i was looking at the stars for about 10 mins with no lights on any where in the house then i was trying to make the stars turn with my brain (ino i sound weird but i do it all the time) then i said to myself in my head i wanted to see a ufo and then all of a sudden a massive white light shows up and then shoots of faster than anything i have ever seen i have also seen this happen in benidorm spain when lying and looking at the starts only the one in spain appeared out of knowhere flashed 3 times then moved slowly then all of a sudden shot of at the same speed as the one i saw at home. i know 100% it is not a shooting star because the object i sean was really really big and shooting starts look alot different as i have sean a few befor.

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