Black Triangle Sighting in Clearwater, Florida on 2016-12-24 00:00:00 – 2 pulsating orange-red lights in sky, followed by a 3rd one

My daughter and i were walking from our apartment building to a nearby convenience store. on the way, we spotted 2 orange-red pulsating lights moving silently westward. the planet jupiter was also visible in the night sky……We watched the first 2 for about a minute before they made a slow right hand turn and was lost behind some trees. the third light was observed about 30 seconds later moving silently in the same direction as the first two pulsating with the orange-red color and with no sound also. we observed this light maybe 15 seconds before it slowly disappeared. on the way home, we run into 2 neighbors who were out walking their dog….They too had also observed all three objects the same time we did, but also told us they had seen something similiar several times before.
when the objects {2) were first observed, i had been talking about the planet in the night sky….That is when we observed the objects.At first, i thought it was airplanes or jets, but noticed that they were not behaving as such aircraft do….The lights were different and there was no noise, we live across the bay from tampa international airport and both of us are quite familiar with passenger jets and military jets from mcdill afb.
our observations of the first objects was lost when they made a right hand turn and disappeared behind some trees……The last object completely disappeared slowly before our eyes.

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