UFO Sighting in Florida on 2016-12-24 22:01:00 – Two red orage ball of light fly in same straight patteren, then both disappear

I was out front with my brother and put a dip in, we where talking about some things about what was gonna happen tommorow cause it was christmas tommorow, then i looked up in the sky and seen a redish orange ball going through the sky in a straight petteren the just randomly disapeared then a second ball came out going in the same way as the first one so i took my phone out and tried to take the best video i can of it, and i took it on snapchat, then when the video ended, the ball went a little more and disapeared in the same place as the first one, then we looked up what it could be and when we read that it could be a ufo me and him got creeped out and ran into the house then we both tried to find something online to report it

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