UFO Sighting in Rothschild, Wisconsin on 2016-12-24 22:10:00 – 4 craft with constant yellow glow flying in line with no noise

A bright yellow light in the distance caught my attention. my first thought was it was a star with an unusual bright color. soon became apparent it was traveling toward me. i watched as it came close enough and low enough were i should have seen strobe lights and heard engine noise. nope, no noise and the yellowish light remained constant. have never seen a craft with this color light. then i saw the second one spaced maybe 100 yards back. strange! now a third and forth show up following the first two. the speed of travel was about the same as you would expect helicopters to fly. however it was a very quite night and no noise. they were certainly close enough were we would have heard something. i have two witnesses to this sighting. we have no explanation of what we saw.

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