UFO Sighting in Canóvanas, Canóvanas on 1997-08-18 00:00:00 – I was taken more than one time.

My name is roberto i need help trying to figure out why this things are happening all over again.Im willing to take any test you and your team requires in order to confirm my situation. in 1997 i was in bed in the town of campos rico canovanas when i was abducted for first time. as i laid in bed i was suddenly awakened by a feeling of suffocation when i opened my eyes there was a small entity about 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall standing right in front of my face as my head rested on my pillow. i tried to scream but i didn’t had a voice and i couldn’t move at all. i was very scared because the more i tried to struggle the more the entity facial expressions changed to anger it tried to communicate with me but it was like a clicking noice not a regular voice. from there i remember been some were other than my room, something like a chamber but i couldn’t see outside all i saw were shadows of at least 4 more entities. this next part is embarrassing to me but i need help, i was having sex with one of them. but i was still paralyzed only was able to move my eyes and mouth but no voice. this continued till my mid teen years so i decided to come to the u.S.A. ever since the incidents occurred i had to go to counseling and they even try other methods in order to help me deal with my situation, everything was documentated by a sphycitris. it started all over again about 2 weeks ago after i went to sleep. all most the same way but this time the entity was calm and there was some kind of bond happening that i couldn’t explain, this time hand gestures were used and to my understanding it was trying to point into out of space. the hands came together as if they were signaling some kind of crash of something coming together. one thing i notice about myself since then was the ability to dream about things that i was going to do in the near future. i have been writing my dreams when i wake up, and to my surprise they happens in real life as in my dreams. please help me somehow to try to understand this. there are more details about the abductions over the years but it’s too much for me to write down. feel free to contact me either throw email or phone call. i just need help. this is not a joke or lie, please take me serious. thank you for your time and hope to hear from your team soon.

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