UFO Sighting in Dixon, California on 2016-12-25 00:00:00 – A very bright light spot hovering up in the sky for a long time with minimum shifting movements

I was driving back home and once i stopped the car, looked above like i usually do, i didn’t see many stars because of today’s weather is a little bit windy and cloudy. however i noticed a bright star-like spot up in the sky to my south-west direction, with a up angle of about 10 degree, where normally real stars won’t be clearly seen under this weather condition. i thought it might be the sirius (alpha cma) but no, it was only 7:45 pm and i saw the orion was still up in the sky to my east. i hold my body steady enough against the wall, and kept staring at it and found it was mostly hovering there but with some subtle shifting movements especially to the left or right side. now it is 8:20 pm and i double checked that spot, it has descended a lot and it has less than 5 degree up angle to the same south-west direction. also it start to become reddish color but mostly still maintain a bright white color. small shifting movement is still observable, but not easy to be aware of. finally i have a phd degree so i do not want to fool anyone here, i’m seriously report what i saw and it does put a big question mark in my mind. i know there is a military base around here but it doesn’t looked like a type of aircraft or drone. well, after several minutes, now it began to ascending and again hovering at exactly the same position where i saw that 40 minutes ago. given the bright light it emits, i personally would rather believe it is human-made thing, but still, based on my working experiences i cannot think about anything that can hovering in the sky for such a long time. ok, a final check, i lost it, cannot find where it is anymore. in total, it lasts about 50 minutes.

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