UFO Sighting in Millwood, Kentucky on 2016-12-25 19:11:00 – Bright gold glowing object with pulsating lights.

Me and my family were in the yard when off in the distance, we witnessed a gold glowing object with pulsating red, blue, and green lights. it hovered for a mere couple minutes before slowly rising straight up at a 90 degree angle. after about a minute of rising it completely went dark. before slowly and dimly pulsing a red light as it continued going straight up. two planes could easily be spotted. pulsating with red and blue lights. one went above the light and moments later another went under the light. as if they were unaware the ball of light was even in the night sky with them. as we stood mesmerized trying to figure out what was going on we witnessed several other planes. all scattered in the distance. we were at a families since it’s christmas. this place is out in the wilderness a little bit. no city nearby to burden us with bright city lights. you can literally see miles in all directions. it was slightly unsettling since we were just talking about ufos and spooky stories. it’s it’s a phenomenal sensation that i won’t forget soon.

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