UFO Sighting in Folsom, California on 2016-12-25 20:00:00 – Object brighter than sirius; consistent, pulsating white light; hovered up and down slightly then descended rapidly and disappered below horizon

Went outside with my sister to the front of my aunt’s home in folsom, ca. i pointed her attention to an odd light to the east. i often watch the sky, but have never felt the need to report a sighting before. it was dark out, but the light in the sky was at about a 45 degree angle to me and maybe a mile or so away. the white light emitted represented a lighthouse beacon of sorts and pulsed consistently. there was a branch in the foreground and i was able to watch as the object moved up and down behind the branch. the object never once moved laterally. after two minutes of my sister and i staring at and questioning the object, it appeared to descend rapidly. i cannot be completely sure if it descended, but it is the only way i can explain why this bright light would disappear as quickly as it did. absolutely positive it was no airplane, satellite, star, or planet. if it were a drone, which was my first thought with it being christmas, it was a drone that i am not aware of. it was at a height of 500-1500 feet and descended hastily. the sierra nevadas sit to the east of folsom. did not have my phone out to record.

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