UFO Sighting in Snoqualmie Pass, Washington on 2014-08-18 02:00:00 – Wakened by deep pulsating/strange light aircraft engine-like sounds. light sphere shot off at hight speed.

My wife and i were backpacking a 10 day section of the pacific crest trail. we had been out about 7 days. we setup camp for the night near a spring on an old road next to the trail. i was awakened to a deep pulsating sound. the sound at first seemed several miles away but was growing louder/closer. the pulsing sound seemed to morph into what i can only describe as something trying to duplicate the sound of a light propellar air-craft. the sound distorted and changed over several minutes until it sounded like a small plane…Or rather a recording of a small plane. it just did’nt sound quite right. i was lying on my side in our tent without the rain-fly on. the roof is mosquito mesh. i rolled onto my back and sat up to see what this strange sounding aircraft was up to,since it was very late and we were in the middle of nowhere. above me approximately 200 feet was a very bright, internally illuminated orb. i was so startled i swore. the orb then shot off to the north at incredible speed. moment later there were flashes of colored lighting(pink, yellow, green) where the orb and just gone.
my wife woke up to my exclamation, and also saw the colored lightning flashes that lasted about 30 seconds or so. there were no storms in the area according to weather forecast with us, nor did we have any inclimate weather for the remaining 3 days of our hike.

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