UFO Sighting in Greenfield, Ohio on 2016-12-11 16:00:00 – I only saw an object come out the tree line, sit a few minutes, maybe 2 and go into the sky.

As a sceptical, but open person i have questioned the existence of extra terrestrials. who wouldn’t? in the last 2 weeks since, we will call it “my incident”; i have watched numerous documentaries on ufos, sightings, and encounters. i wanted to know more to know if i could have possibly even saw anything. i live in a small town in ohio. quiet, low profile and nothing to brag about. no stories have ever floated around (that i am aware of) of ufos or sightings in my area. i live on the edge of the town. right around the corner from me is the railroad track, and some small patches of trees. with nothing out of the ordinary about the area. i was standing on my back porch (treeline in front of the railroad is visible to me)smoking a ciggarette. i looked at the trees, i often do. but something was not right. a dark patch of trees cought my eye. my ciggarette was out at this point but everything in my body told me not to move, to keep looking. i watched for a minute and nothing seamed to out of place, the trees just seamed ” darker” i turned to go in and right as i did i felt,i don’t know how to explain. hmm a lot of energy maybe? i don’t know. just lifted maybe. like my body was still but i was weightless. who knows. but i saw what seamed to be a giant mirror kinda triangular but kind of round (dosent make sence to me neither) sit on the top of the trees for what seamed to me minutes. i was in awe, so it most likely wasn’t that long. then it was gone. i say mirror because it seamed to reflect to me. like, it was hard to determine if i was seeing the shapes my eyes saw because it still looked like what i see from my porch every day. (crazy i know) it didnt “take off” into the sky. either it was just gone, invisible, or it moved so fast i didn’t even see it leave. it was just gone. the feeling i felt in the moment i first cought the glimpse was gone. at this point i was just like, what the f***! i didn’t jump to a conclusion on what i saw, i just thought that “maybe” a ufo could be what i saw. after watching all these things, interviews, findings, my “experience” didn’t sound as far fetched as what i thought it did. i looked up a site to report it anonymously. whatever it was, i believe it was coming off the ground, who knows how long it may have been there? it’s whatever. all i know is that my feelings were so intense in the moment and my mind has constantly thought of it since it happened. i have had a hard time sleeping. i really was not “scared” in the moment, but the more i think about it the creepier it feels and i’m a little uneasy. what if they saw me see? whoever it was. i don’t know. i thought maybe if i told someone, it wouldn’t weigh my mind as much.

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