UFO Sighting in Pavia, Lombardia on 2014-09-14 18:00:00 – Yellow fireball in oppisate direction above rivanazzano dragway after a usaf jet car run 9-14-14.

1. i just happened to be watching by chance a posted video clip on the internet of a highly modified race car with a j85 jet engine from a f5 usaf “tiger” aircraft. i had been watching other dragstrip facing online.

2. the video demonstration clip of the dragstrip pass was around sunset and less than 3 minutes. just near the end, i noticed a blur of yellow light flash across the screen about 10-15 feet above the track and spectators. it struck me as odd because something moving did not seem like lens glare or sunlight, which was fading quickly.

3. i had no idea what it was at first. however, i have seen film clips of wwii “foo fighter” type fireballs and read about them in widely sighted in various books and articles.

4. this yellow fireball had a distinct aura around the orb, which comes into the video frame from left to right for just 2 seconds (2:42-2:44 on screen). start/stopping the film clip quickly on my pc during those brief 2 seconds captures the sighting clearly for detailed analysis.

at first the yellow fireball object is a blur, however, it quickly brightens and sharpens into clearer focus moving across the screen bobbing up and down slightly as the film pans (from a fixed position, like a tripod) slowly back to the starting area of the drag race track.

the yellow fireball orb with a surrounding aura again appeared to also move up and down in elevation slightly, but at a speed faster than the video operator was slowly panning right. it either dimmed in light emitted going out of the video clip frame or seemed to dissolve from view.

5. i was a bit stunned that this may have been a ufo/uap fireball type sighting. i have never sighted one before unaided and certainly unexpectedly. after getting good looks in stop action across the two second interval, i watched the event several more times and have access to the online film clip.

6. the film clip of this jet car acceleration demonstration on a dragstrip ended just a few seconds after the fireball left went out of sight off of the right part of the frame. this was a filmed public event and i was not present at the drag strip to see this sighting.

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