Black Triangle Sighting in Harleyville, South Carolina on 2016-12-28 19:30:00 – Observed one large star like huge craft and at least 13 triangular crafts over 2 hours going in and out of star like craft

I was standing in my front yard smoking a cigarette when i noticed what i thought was a star. the with crazy speed it mad a z motion . i called my father out side to look at the object the he and i noticed three triangular crafts around the star object then took off with no sound with speed in a triangular formation. as we kept looking the crafts had white and red lights pulsing my dog was also acting strange then the triangular crafts seem to be coming out of the star like object they were every where at least 13 of them looked as if they were surveying our small town and baseball field tried to capture it on camera but it wouldn’t pick up the crafts we went in i came back out about ten minutes later looked at the huge star craft then looked up over my head with no noise i saw over the house a triangular craft huge no sound i called my father out again after a while we went in we heard a helicopter so i ran out to see it was to black helicopters flying in the same direction over the house still triangular crafts everywhere also star craft still the moving i went in i came back out to smoke and noticed three stealth fighter jets go by the house but i had never seen these kind b4 i called my dad out again the star craft was gone about 2 mins later a triangular info was flying after the fighters low and no sound we went in i came back out star craft was still gone but triangular crafts seemed gone the came back this time lower and huge still no sound from 730 pm till because the star is gone but the crafts are still here it is 10:09 i’m going back out to see what i can see it is dec 28 2016 this is some crazy stuff also have headache dizzy feel week and exciting still

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