Black Triangle Sighting in Monroe, North Carolina on 2016-12-28 18:15:00 – Multiple lights in sky, different shapes/sizes/directional paths, followed by tr3b type craft seen close proximity

My 2 kids (8 and 1.5) were on the way to the store to get my son a game for his xbox since he got an gamestop giftcard for christmas. the power was out on the highway/strip of stores that gamestop is in- there were cops directing traffic for about 1-2 miles. the next gamestop was only a few miles away so i told him we would go there. we had previously noticed a few strange things in the sky- bright lights moving at different speeds- some flashed colors and were smaller, some were a solid color and a bit larger- like a very bright star. we noticed that some of them would hover and change direction, and once we noticed that two of the very bright whitish colored lights flew parallel to each other very fast and equidistant for quite some distance and then one light disappeared. while we were looking for other strange things in the sky, all of a sudden, right above us- while we were on the highway- a large triangle (tr3b?) shaped craft flew right overhead- directly over the nearest treetops. if my son had not seen and verified what i saw i seriously would have thought i was losing my mind.

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