UFO Sighting in Bradenton, Florida on 2013-04-19 19:00:00 – The shockwave jet truck for nitro jam @ bradenton motorsports park, fl 4-19-2013

1. the sighting evidence is a short video of 2’35” duration, which was just viewed online to determine if similar ufo/uap’s would show at dragstrip demonstration events where cars or trucks were modified with aircraft jet engines. this time, i was vigilant and ready for another sighting.

2. at 0.31″ into the 2’35” video clip, a fuzzy, translucent, red, horizontal, diamond appeared from the right part of the screen near the massive flames coming from the semi-truck’s jet engine. i had seen this shape emerge first in a previous sighting report, but thought it may have been a lens flash (it was not when viewed more closely later). at 0.38″, two (2) red, horizontal, translucent diamonds appeared, then three (3) from 0.38-0.43″/2:35 in a staggered stack on the left of my monitor screen.

3. i do not know what these translucent, horizontal, red diamonds were, but this is the second video clip like this where one or more appear first before one or more fireball orbs appear. my sense is that the red diamond entities, which can vary in size, may carry or at least have control over the fireball orbs that seem to do the grunt work of energy retrieval and close surveillance of their target for energy assimilation e.G., heat, light, radiation.

4. as once before, the hovering red diamond entities disappear before the fireballs show up distinctly. in this case, there were two (2) clearly defined green fireball orbs with aura fields hovering, then moving from right to left, towards the jet truck’s blast of power flames with several light yellow orb fireballs on the periphery. they were rather hazy, more dimly lit, and moved from right to left, where the three (3) red, horizontal, translucent, diamonds used to be in the video frame. these ufo’s are best observed and analyzed slowly, in quick start-stops, which freezes their momentary action and displays the time shown in the video clip duration. speed alone can make these objects seem to disappear when they are simply accelerating out of sight in a fraction of a second.

when the jet truck’s engine began shooting huge flames, exhaust smoke, and rear force turbulence to a high degree, the two (2) green orbs closed in towards the vehicle and hovered over it – then expanded significantly with layers of light green aura. that was a new discovery! when the jet engine’s burst of energy subsided from the truck, they were gone, but reappeared a few seconds later on the right side of the screen at their previous hovering size with some overlapping and bobbing about. these may indeed be intentional recharging energy events with some risk of exposure in the human reflected-light range of vision for their ongoing purposes.

5. once again, i was a bit stunned to see another example of these apparent ufp/uap entities, in two different countries, a year apart, at car/truck jet dragstrip events. they do not, of course, appear on every similar public event, but the entities seem to get around the earth to meet their interests and functional needs i.E., their attraction to mass amounts of energy, heat, light, radiation and speed of some objects. jet engines, rockets, nuclear power plants and active volcanoes seem to attract their intermittent interest worldwide. i’ll keep looking for similar sightings for more details and understanding of their processes. i can perceive them more readily now consciously and unconsciously in video clips.

my preliminary hypothesis is that these red diamonds and fast-moving fireball orbs have been absorbing energy periodically to ‘gas up’ and make energy conversions (which exposes them briefly electrically via photon discharge buildups to us) and then they return to their preferred spectrum of light and mass structure. as discussed by many in the field, i think this is a deep and winding rabbit hole we are just peeking into.

such ufo entities, i too suspect, have been right under our noses for many centuries or even millennia, but often just out of our sensory grasp and evidence gathering techniques to understand what we are looking at etc. these longstanding, sneaky, cohabitants that silently speed off to parts currently unknown, disappear, or dissolve from sight may be actually occupying the same space-time continuum with us versus extraterrestrial in origin. by utilizing appropriate advances in technological assistance to aide the limitations of our normal senses, we may eventually lure them into enlightening exposure regarding their mission, methods and origin.

6. the 2’35” digital video clip with sound ended; however, the ufo/uap entities described above were visible to varying degrees for 2’04” for further independent analysis. the posted video site online address can be provided upon request (file copy saved). unfortunately, it is not attachable below as a video clip file.

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