UFO Sighting in Mississauga, Ontario on 2016-12-29 21:29:00 – It was grey and hard to see because it blended in so well with the clouds. it had red lights flashing going from right to left

I was laying down in my bed looking out the window when all of a sudden, i saw these 3 red lights flashing one by one going from right to left (far right light would turn on,then the middle, then the one on the far left).

at first i thought it was a plane or jet of some sort that was just passing by. but then i began squinting and realized that it was coming more out of the clouds. it was traveling in a straight line from right to left. it never stopped, just passed by slowly. then i saw it. i was shocked and couldn’t take my eyes off it. i woke my boyfriend up but he didn’t make it to the window on time to see it.

he thinks it was a drone of some sort but no, it’s not. i am shocked and still shaking from what i just saw. my whole life, i’ve never believed in ufo’s but after this incident… it really is questionable. creepy.

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