UFO Sighting in Patterson, Louisiana on 2016-12-29 20:00:00 – Seen two bright white spheares one came from the other quickly vanished before my eyes

I went outside to smoke a cigrettewith my boyfriend we sat on my pourch started talking then we look in the sky expecting to see stars we both see a large white spheare hovering their they had a greenish hue to it i had no clue what it was at first i thought it was a big star but as i observed it it was hovering very slowly comming closer my way then out of nowere another white sphear came from side it hover for just a short secound then shot up and vanished before a blink of an eye the first white speare was still hovering it seemed to be getting bigger i guess because it was getting closer to us it looked very big i went inside because i was scared then i seen it shoot up and vanish after i witness this i felt nauseated and scared my boyfriend had a dream a few days pryier that he was beimg abducted by aliens this is something unexplainable

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