UFO Sighting in Bensenville, Illinois on 2016-12-30 00:00:00 – There’s one bright star to the west. i thought i was observing it until the object moved down left to right slowly dimming and vanished.

I stepped out to have a smoke from my terrace apt. having observed a star earlier from ground level i had supposed this was what i was looking at because my view from my doorstep is obscured by a bush. suddenly, as if it recognized i acknowledged its presence, it took a descending turn from left down to the right from a hover in the western sky, dropping a few degrees in a ‘j’ shaped maneuver. again, there is a star or planet in the sky reflecting light that can be seen very visibly tonight. the shape, size, and brightness were so similar i clearly mistook the object at first. as it began to move it did not take a straight line path. this ruled out a shooting star or a satellite. it slowly dimmed in light to a vanishing point just at the cloud cover. only other brightly lit objects can be seen. this took between five to ten seconds for me to witness. one to two minutes later the regular air traffic passes by far below the height of the object. two planes but more suspiciously a helicopter in the distance from the west moving rapidly but no noise. the object was starlike and spherical in shape. bright as any airplane lights and brighter. but the way the light trail and light from the object dimmed seemed intuitive not to mention the flight path changing from a hover to an almost evasive descent to find cover. this is my third time witnessing an object in six years. all three different objects in three different states. this is my first report.

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